Golden Gate F.A.Q.


ORCA Linker can't find a symbol

Please verify the library file types are correct. eg:

iix [--gno] ls -l 13:

should display a filetype of lib. If not, run:

iix [--gno] chtyp -t lib 13:libname

ORCA Linker can't write its output file

ORCA Linker checks the filetype before overwriting an existing file. Manually delete the file first.

ORCA Assembler hangs

ORCA Assembler has very strong opinions about line endings. Make sure your source file (as well as all macro and equate files) have a text file type (either TEXT or ORCA/M Source).

Visual Studio Support

Visual Studio supports Makefile Projects. See also, the NMake documentation.

An example nmake MAKEFILE:

OBJ = $(

TARGET = myprogram

$(TARGET) : $(OBJ)
        iix link $(**:.a=) keep=$@

clean :
        del $(TARGET) $(OBJ)

.cc.a :
        iix compile $< keep=$*

The Visual Studio Build Command Line is nmake, Clean Command Line is nmake clean and Output is myprogram.

(If you have MSYS2 or CYGWIN installed, you could also use GNU Make.)